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How do I practice self care as a Mom?

Self Care is such a broad term. It has many faces. What self care looks like for one person may look different to another. Here are some self care practices that I incorporate into my daily life as a full time entrepreneur, blogger, and Mom of 3!

  • Prayer- This is HUGE for me. Prayer takes up a nice chunk of my morning. I spend at least an hour being active in my Bible plans on the Bible app, up to 2 hours a day on the phone with my husband doing our Bible plan and having amazing conversations afterwards, and then I'll go live on my Facebook if I feel Led to do that which ends in prayer. Prayer keeps me grounded and rooted in my foundation, which is God. 
  • Affirmations- Every morning I say or write out affirmations. I try to stay consistent with this because I've noticed how it keeps my thoughts positive throughout the day and I'm starting to see things manifesting in my life with the combination of my spiritual beliefs and affirmations. Everything starts with the way we think. "So a man Thinketh he becomes." Affirmations are absolutely a self care practice. Self care starts inwardly.
  • Sleep- Man am I one to talk! I say this because I don't get enough sleep as of late but I'm working on getting back to that. The last two days I woke up feeling drained with a slight migraine. I just need to hit the hay at an earlier hour and all will be lovely. From past experiences, sleep is the bomb.com. Try going to bed by 9pm and sleeping until about 6am or just get 8 hours of sleep on a consistent basis. Just make sure you go to bed at a decent hour. You'll thank me later! (I'll take my own advice as well. Heck, I felt much better with good sleep.)
  • Healthy eating- What we eat will either give us energy or deplete us of it. I eat a mostly plant based diet. My children do as well. This lifestyle has worked for me since 2016...consistently. I've practiced veganism in the past, then pescatarian, then alkaline vegan, and now plant based. It works best for my family because it makes us feel good in our bodies and our minds. Self care starts from within! So make sure what you're eating makes you feel vibrant. Be intentional about what you're eating. Do what works for you and your well being.
  • Take a bath(or shower)- The best time for me to do this is when my youngest is asleep. This is to ensure that I'm not bothered and I can soak in my thoughts, read a book, and release any tension. It just feels so good to get "me" time at least once per day. I often find myself staying awake longer than I would like just to get some peace and quiet but hey, gotta do what we gotta do Mamas.
I truly hope this blog helped some of you amazing Mothers out there! If you're reading this please enjoy Buy one Get one 50%off with code "GreatMom" Enjoy!

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