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How to get Mentally Equipped for What's To Come

You are now present, in this very moment. Have you ever thought about what may be next or how to get there? We all do or have at some point in our lives. These are questions that unfortunately we cannot answer. We can create a road map or goals on what we want next and how to get there but let's face it, it may not go as planned. Heck, majority of the time it won't go as planned at all! But that's okay. It's important to realize that it's okay. All you can do is be present and prepare yourself for what's in store. When I say, "For what's in store", I mean that in the most positive way. This is how I prepare myself mentally for what's next in my life from the Blessings, Obstacles, etc.:

1) Talk to God- Go to the Most High! Seek wisdom, patience, alignment, and presence. Being in Gods presence and seeking His Kingdom is REAL. I talk to God and Pray for Him to have His way in my entire life. Often times, He places other people in my life to gain wisdom and get support from as well!

2) Stay present- Don't worry about tomorrow. Don't even worry about today. Cancel out all worry because that lead to anxiety and many other negative things start to manifest. Stay grounded in this present moment right now. As you're reading this blog..READ the blog! When you cook dinner...COOK dinner. 

3) Keep an open mind- Open up your mind to new ideas and close it to your old ways that has kept you stuck and is keeping you from living your life in the moment.

4) Take action- Just GO! You can create this whole vision of what you want your life to look like and not do anything to obtain that life. Take the action in doing the work. Do your inner works and outer works. Faith without works in DEAD!

5) Relax- Just chill out. Set your goals, write your affirmations, pray, do the work, and everything will manifest in the right timing. Being anxious will get you nowhere, trust me I know. So chill out, it works.

Your power is within your mind and mouth. Open on your mind,be mindful of what you say. If you can be mentally grounded in the present then you're already on your way to what's next.

How do you stay grounded and mentally prepared for what's to come?


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