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Mental Health Pt 2

....Speaking of past demons, I victimized myself for SOOO long that it became second nature to me. I would victimize myself in the little things. This toxic behavior stemmed from my childhood traumas and my teenage and early adulthood ones as well. I was a victim of domestic violence starting at age 18. I was with him from age 16-21. I experience mental, physical, financial, and sexual abuse as well from my abuser. The sexual abuse started after I left him when I was forced to live back with him for a while. But I'll save that story for my book. I was stalked for YEARS after we broke up. Heck even recently he's been in peoples inbox asking about me (please stop telling me folks, because I don't care). The beauty of the present is that I'm delivered and free from a victim mentality, fear of him, and just free from every negative thing that has penetrated my spirit throughout my life. I was in a constant battle with SELF. When I realized that I had to change my thinking and my actions, my life changed. It's still changing, it's ever evolving every day. When you come to the realization that life owes us nothing, we have to take back control, then you become free to heal. You allow yourself permission to heal and move forward in life. That is why I started this brand. I want people to recognize SELF. After all, that is the KEY word in self care and self love. Love you first. That is how you move forward.

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