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4 Self Care Winter Tips

So as we all know it's winter time. It gets dark early as heck and I don't know about you but most nights I'm ready to crash by 8pm. But don't sell yourself short on this daylight change and cold weather. Allow yourself to enjoy this time of year and enjoy you! Here are 4 Self Care tips to keep you feeling good from the inside out this winter..

Grab a nice comfy blanket and a warm drink such as herbal tea or hot cocoa. This is one thing I look forward to soon as cold weather hits. I snuggle up, make my scratch hot cocoa recipe, and watch a really good movie. Trust me this is self care at its finest.

Gratitude. When it gets dark early in the winter, that's when it seems like depression starts to become at an all time high. This is when I take to time to write affirmations, pray/meditate, and read self help/spiritual books (and the Bible of course!) This allows you to sit in silence and really simmer on all the amazing things in life to be grateful for.

Enjoy a hobby. Lets face it, we're all so busy with life that half the time we don't realize we haven't even embarked on any hobbies at all! Discover a new hobby such as journaling or baking. Hobbies are an important part of our lives because we discover things that we truly enjoy and fill our hearts with joy.

Take a nice hot bath with some natural bath salts and take this time to reflect on your day and also the present moment. Feel your energy and become comfortable with having time to yourself. A bath can draw out toxins from your body, allowing you to gain mental clarity and care for your skin as well!

I really hope these tips helps someone this winter. What self care activities do you partake in during the winter?